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Premier CrossFit Facilities in Mornington, VIC, and Airlie Beach, QLD

Wolfe Den CrossFit’s two locations – our flagship gym in Mornington, VIC, and Wolfe Den CrossFit 4802 in Airlie Beach, QLD – offer so much more than what you’d find in "regular" gyms.

Our core values of community, family, encouragement, safety and professionalism are ingrained in our ethos; providing you with the complete package you need to make those healthy lifestyle changes.

We offer classes for kids and teens, beginners, your everyday athlete and those looking to advance in the sport of CrossFit. Our specialty classes include: Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting, these classes assist you to focus on further technique and skill progressions.

Our experienced coaches know how to bring out the best in all athletes regardless of your capability or goals. We are happy to tailor every workout to suit your ability: that’s part of our adaptive programming. You CAN do CrossFit, and we can’t wait to show you the way.

In three months, you’ll thank yourself

Ready. Set. GO!


Wolfe Den CrossFit’s two locations – in Mornington, VIC, and Airlie Beach, QLD - spread the Wolfe pack’s "never quit" spirit across eastern Australia.

Wolfe Den CrossFit’s 500-square-metre facility in Mornington and Wolfe Den CrossFit 4802’s 300-square-meter facility in Airlie Beach are both kitted out with all the best CrossFit equipment on the market today. With plenty of open floor space, you’ll never have to worry about bumping into your sweaty neighbour during a WOD. We keep everything sparkling clean and organised so you have a chaos-free space to destress and focus on your goals.

  • As an over-40 lady, I'm feeling really strong, energetic, healthy and constantly challenged. As a person that often got really bored of the regular "gym" environment, CrossFit 4802 has and still does keep me interested, enthusiastic and addicted. I can't recommend it enough!

    Kerri Suckling

  • I did some drop-ins on my way to Melbourne in this awesome box. The coaches do a great job, and they motivate you to reach your goal. The community is really nice, and you feel the familiar atmosphere. Had a great time. Thank you.

    Natalie Saurer

  • My happy place! I love this place so much! The coaches are amazing - so patient and understanding. The environment is super friendly. Everybody makes you feel so welcome. No judgment ever! Seeing crazy improvements week to week keep you keen to come back for more!

    Rebekah Patterson