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Wolfe Den CrossFit is located at 85 Watt Road, Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula, south east of Melbourne. We opened in August 2014 and very proudly have over 100 members.

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Our members are from all walks of life, all fitness levels and are of a broad age group. Our class times accommodate most lifestyles; from professional people training before or after work, to self-employed people and stay-at-home mum’s that are able to train at 9.30am or at the weekend.

Some of our members have been into fitness in one form or another all their lives. Others have lived a life of inactivity and have decided to make a positive change to their lifestyle. The beauty of CrossFit is that all levels of fitness can train together, the only difference is the intensity of training for each individual.

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion

What kind of workout can I expect at a Wolfe Den CrossFit session?

A session (or WOD) is typically one hour and consists of up to 12 people working out plus a trainer to encourage you and help you through. The first 20 minutes or so are taken up by a warm up. This may be some light stretching or some mobility exercises or a little something to get your heart rate up. We then spend 15 – 20 minutes practising for the work out. This may sound odd, but some of the exercises and movements associated with CrossFit can be a shock to your system, especially if you’re not particularly active in your day-to-day life. This practice session is essential to allow you with the close supervision of your trainer to work out what you can competently do in the actual workout. The last thing anyone wants is for you to get injured trying to lift something or do a movement that your body physically can’t do – it’s so important to get the technique right before anything.


3, 2, 1… GO !

Once you are happy with the weights etc you will be using and you’re comfortable that you can complete the workout, everyone gets ready to start. The exercises and reps are on a big screen and the clock starts. I must stress, we are not competing against each other, but in time, you will be competing against your own personal best. At the end of the session, your time, weights and handicaps or help-aids are input into your own workout diary which you can refer to at any time by logging in here or in to Wodify on your smartphone or tablet.

Let the WODs begin !

WOD stands for ‘Workout Of the Day.’ Download the Wodify app for free, see what the days workout is going to be and even reserve your place in your chosen class. The whole days classes are the same so you won’t ever miss out. Watch this video explaining Wodify in more depth:


Reserve your place, track your performance, find a local box…

…all from your smartphone or tablet. You can also check out the leader board, comment on another athlete’s performance and view WODs.



What do people think of Wolfe Den CrossFit?

We are lucky enough to have a great group of people here at Wolfe Den CrossFit in Mornington. Here are just a few comments from a handful of our athletes.


“I absolutely love it…”

I joined Wolfe Den on their opening day and I’ve never looked back. Great group of people, dedicated trainers, can’t fault it.


“Group fitness at it’s best…”

Well-structured classes tailored to each individual’s abilities. I am totally hooked and have not felt this good for years.


“I’m totally addicted…”

I’ve been training at Wolfe Den since the day they opened and this year gained second place in a CrossFit competition.

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If you would like further information about Wolfe Den CrossFit Mornington,
feel free to phone Jeremy on 0412 226 529 or Brad on 0403 248 982.
Alternatively, you can email us at or use this form: