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Operation Tyson – CrossFit Cranbourne

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Thursday 24th May – 8km Swim

Firday 25th May – 300km Assault bike

Saturday 26th May – 8 CrossFit workouts every hour

Sunday 27th May – 16 laps Lyrebird Track (51km)

 Tyson is 17 and suffers from an extremely rare condition called FOP or ‘Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva’. To put it briefly, his muscle and joint tissue are slowly being overtaken by bone tissue, ie his muscles are turning to bone. As time progresses he is being caged further and further into his own body.  Many members have watched him go from walking with crutches and being able to stand up unassisted, to being wheelchair bound but still upper body able, to now extremely dependant to the point where he needs to use tongs to reach his mouth to eat, and requires extra assistance for the things a 17 year old really doesn’t want assistance with…

We have arranged 4 days of consecutive fitness challenges to help us raise money including an 8km swim, 800km on the assault bikes, a day of CrossFit workouts every hour on the hour, and a 51km run.

From our coach – Stu Cunningham

“I want to do something incredible for him. Not to raise money for research, he deserves something purely for him. He deserves something amazing. He deserves to go to the greatest pop culture convention in the world. He deserves to go to Comic-con in San Diego, USA. July 2018.”

Thursday 24th May – Day 2 of 4

Assault Bike

Thank you for helping us with the Assault Bike challenge.

We would like for as many people as possible to nominate a time slot on the Assault bikes.  These people can be members or friends & family of any age, so long as you can reach the pedals!

You can nominate any time from 20 mins plus.  The buy in is $5, but if you feel like donating more or getting sponsors to help you achieve something bigger, please do so!

Click on the link and all you have to do is enter your name in the desired time slot on your favourite bike.

It will be an amazing atmosphere with amazing people, we will have prizes and give aways, raffle’s and great music.  Come along to support Tyson, and encourage Stu while he rides his 300km for this great cause.

Please call Nicole 0417337376 or Stu 0400518009 for questions.