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Clean Position Stretches (No Measure)

With an empty barbell – all movements start from a squating quad position

5 x muscle clean

5 x power clean

5 x power clean + Front Squat

5 x full clean

Clean “B” Movements (No Measure)

1. 3 Part pausing power clean x 3

2. 3 Part pausing Power clean to Front Squat x3

3. 3 Part pausing Full clean x3


Power Clean (8×3 power cleans T&G @ 70% EMOM)



This is a sprint WOD– so deadlifts need to be unbroken

you need to pace but should be working at 85 – 90% every round

Metcon (Time)

every 4 min for 5 rounds

9 Dead lift 102/70

12 bar facing burpees

15/12 cal row/erg

record slowest round